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Layer Scale for New Design Layers?

Andy Broomell


When making a new Design Layer, how does Vectorworks determine what Layer Scale to use? Every so often it creates the new layer at a completely different scale than all of my other layers. For example, today I'm working in a file with all 1:48 layers, I created a new empty layer, then realized it was created at 1:24. I've encountered this numerous times before (and have found it often switches to 1:1 scale).


I'm just curious from where Vectorworks pulls this number.

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  • Marionette Maven

Alan is right, I tracked this all down last year. It will always create a design layer based on the scale of the last one you created, regardless if it's in the same document or a new document, or even if you are switching between multiple documents. There have been various discussions on other possibilities, but there has been no agreement on a different solution, so I don't see that changing any time soon.



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