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My wish: VW2021 to have no new features. Please.



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*Update October 2022*


I started this thread in 2017 and had been updating the thread title each year to request that the next version of VW would be the one where we got nothing "new", just a load of old stuff fixed.


Unfortunately at some point the ability to edit the first post and title disappeared; this is why it's still stuck on VW2021 but really I'd like the title to be


"My wish: VW2024 to have no new features. Please."

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I used my lunch break to get a list started.  I believe all of these are improvements or fixes to existing tools, rather than new features, and all have been discussed elsewhere on the forum.  Comments & additions welcome:

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On 8/11/2022 at 11:19 PM, line-weight said:

This is actually one of the main reasons I've not started using 2022 (despite having paid for it):




It's not just the problem itself that's annoying but the way it's initially acknowledged and then just completely ignored, which is the pattern with so many things with Vectorworks.


September 2021: VW2022 released and I start that thread. A helpful VW employee requests a test file, I send it. A "fix" (workaround) is suggested - I post a video of a test file demonstrating that the "fix" doesn't solve the problem.


No response. I put VW2022 on hold, hoping it might be fixed in an SP.


December 2021: SP2 released. The problem is somewhat improved but still there. I post another video demonstrating this. I ask if anyone from VW can comment on whether we can hope for any improvement.


No response. A week or so later I ask again. No response.


March 2022. SP3 released. Not fixed (I say as much on the thread). No comment from anyone from VW


June 2022. SP4 released. Still not fixed. Again I directly ask if we can be given any info. No reply.


So, now I wait and wonder whether it'll be fixed in VW2023, which might not reach a stable version until some time next year.


This example is relevant to this thread because it's not even an old bug that's not been fixed. It's not a bug in a new feature. It's a bug in something that not only previously worked OK, but it's totally core to my day-to-day working in VW. It's the 3d shaded/OpenGL environment that I spend hours in each day when I'm working on stuff.


And then there's stuff like this. Core functionality that gets broken and then there is no urgency in fixing it. The problem I describe above appears to persist in VW2023. There's another thread about it, not started by me, specific to VW2023:




Same pattern as my VW2022 thread - initial interest from VW representatives, requests for sample files, promises it will be looked at etc. Then silence and tumbleweed.

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On 10/14/2022 at 8:36 PM, Katarina Ollikainen said:

So, I've done a bit of digging in this issue and contacted Justin, who is the Research Manager. 

There are several bugs going on here but the z-fighting has a fix and it will be out in SP2, Nov 9th, unless they find something while going through testing. There's always a caveat.

I know it can be awfully frustrating when basic functions suddenly not behave as you're used to and especially when it is core functions, and it can seem like nothing is happening from our end. Often the engineers are working on solutions but not really discussing them outwards until they have something solid to test.

I know you're listing a lot of issues in your posts here - it would be very useful if you could send over some sample files that demonstrates the individual problems, and I'll forward them to the correct desk. 

If you would like to, I'm happy to meet up on a Zoom and go through your problems as well - sometimes that can be easier than documenting things in text. You can send me a direct message and we can set up a time.



Thank you for your reply - it's much appreciated.


I'm going to put a link to it on the thread that deals with the specific problem, so that it is easier for others to respond to:




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