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My wish: VW2021 to have no new features. Please.



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5 hours ago, Matt Overton said:


They could actually get long way towards this by creating a best practice workspace for each version.

Best practice would have one monster leap to start with but after that pain would be no worse than normal update.

For Instance no more move and move 3d commands just Move that has x,y,z altogether.


All the most modern tools could be surfaced, given the best short cuts so soon enough we are working better faster. Free up key commands.  Yes we can do this but then everyone new doesn't want to use our standard because it's not the program standard. New users are being in effect trained to use the software badly and get stuck in old ruts.


Would be a massive win in terms of the programs outlook.



Yes, that would be a start.

The move / move 3d is quite a good example.

And what's with having an "edit" and a "modify" menu with no obvious logic as to what goes in each?

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9 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

For Instance no more move and move 3d commands just Move that has x,y,z altogether.


I agree. How many tools are then in total within Vectorworks? How many could be streamlined into 1 - instead of "Angle", "Angle (Inch)", "Angle (Metric)"  and "Angle - 3D", why not have a single Angle tool that can deal with the various ways in which people use the tool. That's 3 unnecessary tools removed from VW.  The same for Wide Flange structural elements; 4 tools that should be 1.

It's the same for channels, springs, lock washers, plain washers, retaining washers screws, nuts, wood screws etc etc etc. None of which I actually use but i'm sure people do. I'm sure the VW toolset could be cut in half. 

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Better designed (and more consistent) dialogs would make existing features more accessible. I spend endless hours clicking deep into nested dialogs to tweak a setting, then work my way back out to see the effect. I know where most settings are, but it feels like Vectorworks consistently goes out of its way to slow users down. It's a nightmare for new users to find what they need. The current interface is designed for the convenience of the engineers who built it, not for the end user.

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While VW 2022

(Native Apple ARM, Walls Solid, Screen Plane deprecated, ....)

personally and subjective was absolutely my greatest update.

As for the first time it reworked some of my Vw 2014 critics .....


There were also again lots of new features, but I avoid to critize

them as I can't help myself to like it.

OK, meanwhile we seem have a different reliability cycle.

While in the past SP0-1 was beta-ish in the past, in current years

we had reliable SP 0s but SP1-3 (at least) had more or less severe


So basically moved the "recommended upgrade datum" from February

to August. Which is about 6 weeks before the next version release 🙂


So if an uneven VW 2023 will be even more impressing than an even

VW 2022 again, I'm all in .....


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This is actually one of the main reasons I've not started using 2022 (despite having paid for it):




It's not just the problem itself that's annoying but the way it's initially acknowledged and then just completely ignored, which is the pattern with so many things with Vectorworks.


September 2021: VW2022 released and I start that thread. A helpful VW employee requests a test file, I send it. A "fix" (workaround) is suggested - I post a video of a test file demonstrating that the "fix" doesn't solve the problem.


No response. I put VW2022 on hold, hoping it might be fixed in an SP.


December 2021: SP2 released. The problem is somewhat improved but still there. I post another video demonstrating this. I ask if anyone from VW can comment on whether we can hope for any improvement.


No response. A week or so later I ask again. No response.


March 2022. SP3 released. Not fixed (I say as much on the thread). No comment from anyone from VW


June 2022. SP4 released. Still not fixed. Again I directly ask if we can be given any info. No reply.


So, now I wait and wonder whether it'll be fixed in VW2023, which might not reach a stable version until some time next year.


This example is relevant to this thread because it's not even an old bug that's not been fixed. It's not a bug in a new feature. It's a bug in something that not only previously worked OK, but it's totally core to my day-to-day working in VW. It's the 3d shaded/OpenGL environment that I spend hours in each day when I'm working on stuff.

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12 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

Perhaps I found v2022 so productive because we haven't switched to Apple Silicon yet.


It seems not uncommon for some users to report major frustration with a certain release while others are quite happy with it. I think this must be partly down to the great diversity of ways in which people use vectorworks. Of course in many ways that's one of its strengths but it does maybe cause a problem when it comes to testing it.


For example, the issue I describe above, I think it will affect anyone who has a preference for working in shaded view, perspective rather than orthogonal 3d, and has their design layers set at a scale of 1:1. Anyone who doesn't have that particular combination of preferred working may not experience the problem at all and wonder what the issue is.

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3 hours ago, Tom W. said:

The other big features for me are the texture tool, Hardscape styles + changes to the Plant tool

The single biggest reason I can’t move to 2022, the terrible change to the plant tool requiring users to redefine every plant in their custom library.  I wonder if Vectorworks ever fixed that glaring oversight.

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