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Stories not appearing in the right place in referenced file





I am having trouble with elements of my building model not appearing at the right height within a referenced file. 


We have a particular file set up within the office where the model is located within one file and then referenced into another file to create drawing sheets. The main model file is set up using stories within the design layers. When the file is then referenced the second file is unable to locate some stories (but not all). I have manually introduced stories to the second file to match, but this still doesn't work. 


Can anyone help?




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Have had the same problem, only just received a reply from VW Support.


When referencing a VW file (A) into another VW file (B)  to create the drawing sheets you need to replicate all "Stories" need to be replicated in (B) to match the "Stories" settings in (A).


You need to detach the reference model (A) and then reattach the reference file (A) again for everything to display correctly.


From VW Support:

"Im afraid this is working as intended as there isn't a way of referencing or importing story settings from one file to another. 
We do recommend for users to create templates with stories already set up so these can be adjusted when the files are set up. 
It would be great if we could import stories like we can layers and classes, this has been requested to the developers. "


I have found that if referencing using DLV this is not a problem... but have had other problems with grids and text rotating to off angles.


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