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I need snapping sound to be confident that I didn't miss a snap point accidentally.

Use that in other Apps too.


But seems that sound does not show when snapping is ok but comes with a lag when

the snap hint Icons appear. At least it has snapped fine when I click before the sound appears.

So yes, I question the sound option IN VW.


Snap Sounds are Music,

at least some Rhythm.

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The simple Click Sound for snapping as kind of standard.


As I mostly model standard rectangular Architecture,

I would like to have a few customizable Warning Sounds.


Like a big "Möp" when I created an Object that is off from my virtual minimum 1cm (maybe 0,5 cm)

Grid or has Dimensions with digits smaller than 0,5 cm or an angle other than 90°.

Because for me that means something went wrong.

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