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Multiple buildings in one project

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Hi all - what is the best way to go about having multiple buildings in one project? I'm doing a rural project with a house and packing shed - I'm trying to set up different layers for the shed to keep it independent, but can't set up a separate 0 level datum for the floor. Is it best to just use to the current floor layer and set new layers for roof and foundations? It would be nice to have to have seperate layers so I can switch the shed off from the dwelling...

I have come from a Revit background, so the layers/stories/levels paradigm has been confusing - Revit only has a level system that slices the model with a variable cut plane; it's dead simple and very effective, but doesn't have the flexibility you get with layers.



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Hmm.. appears I may have been overthinking this - where I was getting stuck was creating a storey at the 0 datum; I made a shed layer with the floor level storey and another level for the roof, so I think its sorted.. the only issue I could possibly see is if the floor level storey should need to be changed - but I doubt I'd ever need to do this as they are all referenced viewports on the site model in any case.

If there are are better approaches, I'm open to suggestions :)



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If you can share most of your Story base height levels, ok.

You could get through with some redundant Levels, Wall Styles and so on.


But if buildings (heights) are too individual, you may be better with separate Files

and Referencing them together.


If you have exact copies of a building prototypes on a site at different height levels,

Design Layer Viewports may be your choice.



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I would recommend using a discreet Design Layer for each major part of each structure, and I would build (model) it all on one Site Model. For example, House ML; House Roof; Shed ML; Shed Roof. You can set the Z (elevation) to whatever you want in any Design Layer. Not reason two layers can't have the same Z. Using separate layers will be very useful later when you want to create plans, elevation, sections, etc...

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