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Andy Broomell

Resource Manager Alphabetization


Ever since the upgrade to 2017, I've noticed that the Resource Manager (looking at Textures in particular) orders resources with all of the capitalized names first, A-Z, followed by all the lower case textures, a-z. I have to hope that this is a bug and not intentional, since separating the resources based on whether or not you capitalized the name is not helpful organization.


Here's a screenshot from someone else's file in which I've begun working, where you can see how the resources are being ordered. For example, I shouldn't have to remember whether it's Brick or brick when locating a texture. (Ideally all of the textures would be capitalized, which I tend to do myself, but I often work on files begun by other people with a wide spectrum of organizational approaches.)



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That's gotta be a bug. I'm a stickler for capitalization in my resource naming so I never noticed this before, apologies.

Submitting it now. VB-140819

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This was fixed in 2018! Woohoo! It's been driving me crazy lately as I've been collaborating on files with someone who capitalizes nothing (while I capitalize everything).

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