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I have two models of human figures.  Both purchased from the same source.


One renders fine, the other doesn't behave correctly.  It is much darker even in exactly the same lighting.  Does any body have any idea what might be the cause?  Both are rendered with an imported map using a JPEG image and both were imported from OBJ in exactly the same way.




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They are 3D meshes, imported as OBJ files and the turned into symbols.


I have actually solved the problem via VSS support.  It seems that sometimes VW can process OBJs differently (or they are created differently at source).  In the above the mesh faces are reversed so what you are seeing is effectively the inside of the back of the figure.


I passed the OBJ through cinema 4D and re-imported it to VW and the problem is resolved.  On the left is the new symbol.


I've posted this solution in case anyone else comes across similar behaviour




humans 3.png

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Further investigation seem to show that lighting acts on the wrong side of the model.  Below is the two symbols lit by a single point source light.


The light has a completely different effect on the two, the man is lit correctly, the woman seem to be lit from behind.  

humans 2.png

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Are these image props? If so, check that the textures are set to emit light. That may be the difference between the two.

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Normally C4D Render Engine renders "2-sided" by default.

In other Engines you would notice geometry problems immediately in viewport.


So I wonder why these problems occur in RW Renders at all.

(Or is this just openGL ?)


Nevertheless for Meshes in VW, Face Normal Orientation does seem to matter

when rendering though. I also ran into that problem.

So it is a pity that VW doesn't care more about Meshes Face orientation, have tools

to control this and even doesn't mesh its own 3D geometry correctly for exports.

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