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John Whyte

How "strict" are the new minimum graphics requirements for VWX >2016 for 2d work ? 

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How "strict" are the new minimum graphics requirements for VWX >2016 for 2d work ? 


The majority of our work is all in 2d.


We do some simple 3d work for bathroom setting out drawings, this consists of using the wall and door tool to draw a room, then populating it with pre built 3d shapes to represent sanitary ware, we then create section viewports and add dimensions in the annotation layer. 


We have a license for 2017 but we currently use 2014 as with the latest versions ive read the system requirements say you need 1gb of graphics memory. Most of out computers are Mac Minis with 2.5ghz i5 CPU, 16gb ram, and inbuilt intel graphics. Based on the above outline of our work, would this be ok ? 


Are the minimum system requirements for graphics more related to the 3d marinate and BIM features ? 


To pre-empt the answer "Why dont you just try it."  I would but i dont want to have to upgrade my live files to 2017 only to find that they dont work and then have to downgrade a whole bunch of folders.

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As of 2016 and 2017 the tech Vectorworks uses to display 2D geometry has also started to use your graphics card as well. 

I can't guarantee it will work with hardware below the minimum specifications of course, but you can reduce the amount of work Vectorworks loads onto the GPU in 2D by lowering the Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics setting to Best Compatibility which should then behave similarly to how 2015 and prior did.

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We run VW2016 on some hardware that is low spec. Compared to VW2013 it was certainly an improvement in overall for speed and stability.*

That includes moving most projects to at least a minimal 3d model, but also others with reasonably high levels of detail and rendered elevations and sections. Factoring in some new hardware as we get more demanding but it's certainly workable. 


*one office experience may not be a reliable indicator of another's. 

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