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CSS for Auto Annotations ?

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Is there a way to control the appearance of auto generated Annotations

on a per file base in a centralized way,

without the need to go into Annotation Layer for each Viewport ?


For example the Viewport Titles appear in the bottom middle only.

When I move them and change Crop Geometry they don't follow.

Is there a way to define them globally with XY distances from a fixed

origin like bottom left or bottom right ?


Or a centralized file setting to define a global Font to a document ?

I created Text Styles but every time when I create new Viewports, things

start "undefined" and for later edits I can only change 1 Viewports Annotations

at one time (?)


Did I miss something or doing it wrong ?


Are there already kind of "Section Line Styles" or global Headline, Sub Headline,

Standard, ... Text setting like you would do for a HTML web page by CSS ?

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There is nothing currently in VW like this.


A few years ago I developed some scripts to help with consistency of annotations. I don't remember exactly what they all did, but I know there was at least one to allow for font changes of annotation objects in each of the over 200 viewports in the file. Anything effecting all of the text blocks in an annotation would be pretty easy.


It is probably possible to script moving the location of the drawing title to the bottom center of the viewport.


If this is something you think you would really use, I can try and take a look for those old files. I think they were in VW2008 or earlier.

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Thanks for confirmation Pat.

I'm really unexperienced with those 2D things and I need them only at a very superficial extend.

It was very likely that I have overseen things.


So it will be more of a wish list item,

or adds and extends to the Central File Info wish started some time ago, to place and keep

project information and data that is used by different tool, at one single place for

centralized control.


I think that could even make VW's internal tool handling with this data easier.

Feed those variables once and everywhere read the same variable out agin.



So for now,

as I currently restart my Default.sta attempts,

I better set everything right BEFORE I start duplicating.

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