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Other versions of VW - keep?

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is there any utility to having older copies of VW installed on my machine?  I'm currently using 17, but I noticed that when I upgrade to the new versions a whole new pack is installed.  Should I just dump the old versions?




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Generally you would only need to keep the older versions if you regularly need to go back and forth with other users that don't have the latest version, or if for any reason you need to keep a project in an older version and not upgrade it.

Functionally, the current version of Vectorworks does not need the previous versions and you can remove them to reclaim storage space.

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You may have custom plug-ins or resources etc. in the  earlier version that you need to preserve before deleting it.

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- Once a project has reached a certain point it is completed in that iteration to avoid possible corruption. For example we have a couple of VW2016 projects and one VW2014 currently still active while all VW2015 projects have been converted to VW2017 projects so I don't have a copy of 2015

- We run a MacMini with a version of VW2010 and a bubble mac with a version of VW12 & VW10 (i.e. not VW 2012) just incase we need to open old files (we deal with a firm that runs on VW10 -they mostly send PDFs now, but sometimes...)

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Thanks, think I'll keep the '15 but it's probably time to get rid of 2010!


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