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3D objects lines appearing with a "saw" shape. Please, help.

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Today my 3D area appears all weird with a "saw" shape and I dont know what is going on. Yesterday it was good. This is the second time it happens to me.


Any idea whats happening and how can I solve this problem?


I really hope that I dont have to do all over again, because I dont have much more time to work on the project and do it again from scratch.


Thank you!!!


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Normally there are 2 reasons :


1. You have overlapping Geometry like duplicates of Objects

2. Your design is far off from VW'S internal origin.


in rare cases it could also be not using latest GPU drivers or GPU Spec

below VW's minimal hardware requirements.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Most likely your objects are very far away from the documents 0,0,0 origin (x,y,z) or you have a peice of geometry, even a locus can cause this, extremely far from the main part of the model. If you move everything back to near the center of the document, or get rid of any extraneous geometry far from the center, this effect should go away. If that is confusing or does not work, feel free to send me the file via direct message or post it in a reply and I can take a look.

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