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Best way to set working plane perpendicular to a linear object?





the set working plane tool has only two methods: you can align it to a surface or you can use three points to define it.


In many cases, I want to look in the direction of a certain line in 3d space (the edge of some object or just a segment of a 3d poly), especially to rotate objects around a line, using the line as an axis. So I would have to set the working plane perpendicualar to the axis.


What is the best way to achieve this? Or are there other ways to rotate objects around existing linear objects in 3d?


Thanks for any help.



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Thanks! This was new to me, helps and is a good step forward. But: it only works with NURBS curves (which I had to find out first by trying long...) It does not work with 3D-polys and solids/meshes. So  It would be great to have some ctrl-alt-shift combination to switch to "perpendicular mode" independently of the type of linear object.



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