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Walls, Styles and Heights


As we use complex Styled Walls with multiple Components

and individual Top/Bottom Height Level assignments per Components,

by Story Levels beside an overall Wall Insertion height

we most times (98%) really want to activate "Replace Height" Adjustments for "ALL" Styled Walls

after changing their Style.

(Especially if your Components assignments are set to have manual distances from Levels)


However in rare cases we need just a few or only one Wall of that same Wall Type in

a different environment with a different Height setting.


In that case you either have too :

- care each time and never activate height adaption after changing your Style again

- create another additional Wall Style Duplicate just because of a different height setting.



So I wish that :



the "Replace Height" check box disappears from the Style change confirmation dialog completely

(always activated)



There will be a "Lock Custom Height Changes" checkbox in OIP,

for Stylized Walls, above the Height Editing Options,

that will prevent from losing any of that Custom Height Settings of that Wall on Object Level in any case

(Which is the "overall" Wall Height only)



While keeping the ability to adapt to changes of the individual Component Level Height settings of the Style.




That would save me from tons of redundant extra Wall Style Duplicates


from recurrently, accidentally and unnoticeably destroying my few Special Walls

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[Ignore that]


The more complex but far more versatile and flexible solution would of course be :


- universal Height Tag Styles Top/Bottom that you can tag any kind of Object with

on a per Object base

- throw the complex multi Component System away and switch to a real world behavior

of Additions/Combinations single Components

(=> Same 30 cm Conrete Wall with OR without insulation)

- Draw components separately

- give Cutting Elements like Doors/Windows/... an adjustable Cut Depth or Custom Cut Volume

to let them live-cut through any Walls/Solids/... in their Cut Range


[/Ignore that]

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