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Resource Manager - Drag and Drop behavior - macOS/Wacom



I have some strange behavior in Resource Manger with Resource Folders* and Drag and Drop.

I am not sure if that is a general, OS X or even Wacom only problem.


* those new "special" individual new Resource Folders for a special Resource Type




In the middle main column,

when I want to drag a Resource into one of my Resource Folders,

it does not work like in Finder by just clicking and dragging,

it works more like dragging a Row in a Numbers Ttable :

I have to first click once long on the Resource, release and click drag again to make it move.

(Even if that Resource was already selected before)



When I want to drag Resources between my opened Files.

I have all Files Subfolders expanded in the tree view on the left.


When I drag a Ressource

(with the tedious extra click mentioned in 1.)

form one File to the other's Resource Folder in the left Tree Column

> All Files will collapse their Subfolders

and I have to open them again for the next drag and drop action.



If I activate the Filter,

all "other" special Sub Folders of Files will also disappear in the left Tree Column.

This irritates me somehow as it looks like all Files would not have any ressource at all,

if they don't at least have such a Resource Type Folder.

Like the behavior of RM integrated into BIM Tools like Window, where it will only show

Window related resources, where it makes sense.

I am not shure if it is a good idea in main RM View where you want to manage ALL

of your Resources and I expected the Filter for the Main Middle Column only.

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