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VW/VWA Training CD's


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I just upgraded from 9.5.3 to 10.5.1. When I upgraded to 9 I also purchased the training CD's - 2 dealing with VW fundamentals and one dealing with VWA specifcally. Upgrading to 10 I got the VWA 10 training CD as well.

My question is ...... are the two VW fundamentals CD's I got with 9 still relevant to 10 or are there 'new' VW fundamentals CD's for 10?

Edit: Was going to review the fundamental CD's and come to find out they run in 9 (classic) only .......... grrrrrrrrr ..... I don't have classic anymore. Wonder if Nemetscheck wants to send me the fundamentals for OSX?

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The training CDs are not available with OS10.

At the time they were created by Resolve Software, the program used to create the data on the CDs was not compatible with OS 10. That was early OS 10.1 days.

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Originally posted by Katie:

The training CDs are not available with OS10.

There was sort of a second part to the original post and that was - how 'pertinent' are the VW9 foundation series to VW10?

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There are new features in VW 10 that won't be on the VW 9 CD.

The list of new features can be found on the various products pages on the main website.

Overall, there are some differences in the material covered between 9 and 10 in addition to the new items for VW 10.

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Hi Buz,

A couple of clarifications. The training CDs for VectorWorks 10 (Foundation 1, 2, and Architect) are built for OSX.

As Katie mentioned, they were updated to teach the new and changed features in version 10. Some of the content was not changed from 9 to 10.

Best regards,


Peter Huggins

Resolve Software Solutions Inc.

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