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Window Object Glazing Control



It would be useful to have a little more control over the glazing used in window objects.


I.e. double glazing, triple glazing.


This is usually not too big of an issue as the sort of scale these windows are viewed at, its generally OK to treat the glazing as one object.


However we are currently working on a project with a recording studio, which has very high acoustic requirements - to achieve this there is a significant gap between each layer of glazing (300mm in this case!) which we would like to see in our drawings.

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I am happy with a single glass volume in Windows and Doors.

I would even like a glass single face only option (face normal pointing outwards).

But at least I would like to have the glass volume overlapping the sash to not

have overlapping faces in renderings with typical problems.


Also I would like to see one single glass thickness setting for all kind of

window glazing - until I activate an individual thickness for a special part.


If I will want separated glass voplumes for detail visualizations,

I will also want realistic (reduced) frame profiles and rubber seals.

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Yes, 300mm gap is a very high requirement and generally involves two completely independent frames in what is basically two independent walls. So you could just model it that way if important. Also make sure builder cleans the inside faces of the glass before they put the second sheet in (new client/old problem).


That said having multiple glass types as an option would be helpful in many regards, we have 4 colours of fritted glass, switchglass, heavy laminate, double heavy laminate and standard clear in various parts of the same project at the moment. Multiple classes for multiple glass types just doesn't work as fluidly as you'd hope.

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Matt -


Yes its a pretty extreme example! In this particular case it is for a recording studio, so it is to help achieve a very high acoustic rating.


Thanks not a bad suggestion (using two separate window objects), although it would mess up our window schedule and numbering a little so may not be able to.


For the time-being I've created a 2D symbol and using that as an override for the 3D window component in that location. It would of course be better to be able to model it properly though.

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Especially since everything is moving towards full BIM, there should be full control of glazing.


BIM is, or should be, a realistic representation of the building.


The standard windows here "up north" consist of triple-glazed thermal glass element + 100mm gap approximately + single-glass outer pane.


The best windows even have quadruple glasses etc, an example here: http://www.eskopuu.fi/wp-content/uploads/EP-MSE2-A-2016-210-1.pdf



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Hey @Asemblance I'm a little late to this thread as my firm is just transitioning to Vectorworks, but I found my way here for this same reason. We're a recording studio design firm and adjusting the thickness of glazings, and adding rubber gasketing would be great. Since you posted this, have you found a better approach or are you still solving this with symbol replacements?

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