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Need help designing Roads with Landmark commads

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I have gone a long way  .  Need to design my interior roads and parking space. But I am not getting too far.  To many problems not been able to join and site modifiers conflics.  Please help.


here is my problems. In my design  , I have 2 roads and 2 parkings.  I need to draw the Road T to access from main road to  the parking lot. It looks like there are several ways to get there, but I am not getting very far.


I use Polyline to draw 2 roads. Then I use the Road Custom command to do the parking area with the 2D Parkign command to create the parking configuration.


But , I am not able to join the roads in a T.   I created the 2 roads across my property , but not able to get the ROAD Tee  to fit and join the roads. I must be doing something very wrong and the documentation doe  not help.


Here is the link to the VW file.








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We are running into similar issues with the given road tools and find we need to revert back to autocad to draft driveways, roads, parking, especially on commercial/public projects.


we desperately need a better road and grading toolset. I would urge the vw development team to look at autodesk civil 3d for examples.


in the meantime we are getting by with texture beds in combination with pad modifiers and contour modifiers.


as far as i can tell you cannot connect a polyline road to a pad if thats what your parking areas are composed of.

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