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Create a surface from intersecting straight lines

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I'm relatively new 3D aspects of VW. I'm trying to create a curved surface, using straight lines. The finished shape will be a hyperbolic paraboloid (curved, but made up of straight lines). I've drawn the straight lines and have the shape that I want, but I can't see how to make this series of intersecting lines in to a uniform, 'solid' (curving) surface. I suspect there is a relatively simple way to do this, but I'm not familiar enough with all the commands to know how to do so. A detailed, step by step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Using a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, and VW 2016

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I experimented a bit with Jonathan's suggestion of using Subdivision Surfaces and in my simple example it was very quick to do. Here's a new version of my file containing the result. I started by generating a square Subdivision Primitive, dragged an edge to make it rectangular to match my example, and then pulled the four corners to their proper heights. Very simple. Hopefully it translates back to VW2016 successfully.





Surface v2016.vwx

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