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Site Modifiers - turn off/on ?

Chris AT

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Thanks Jonathan, that solved the problem.
In order to show in section viewports the before, intermediate and after state, I have copied the site model 2 times and placed it into different classes.
Is there a way to show different states with just one site model?

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On 4/10/2017 at 9:47 AM, Jonathan Pickup said:

move it to another layer and set the site model options to NOT use that layer.




I have a similar issue but I cannot find the option to not use a specific layer. 


Instead I found in the Site Model Settings - General Pane: Use Site Modifiers on Visible Layers Only. 


So I moved my Site Modifier on another layer (which is unactivated in my section VP), but my section VP still renders the site model with the unwanted Site Modifier. 


What am I doing wrong ? 


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2 hours ago, Tom W. said:

I think you need to make the layer invisible in the model space then update the site model then update the VP


Thank you; that was it ! 



2 hours ago, Tom W. said:

You can't control the site model via layer overrides in the VP if that's what you mean


That's exactly what I meant. So I was doing it wrong. I guess I should use a site model snapshot without my unwanted modifiers and place it in a new layer, that's it ? (I am still a bit confused with these snapshots... )



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53 minutes ago, Tom W. said:

No worries have you tried duplicate site models? That was what I did in the end (in that thread). If you are trying to show two different versions of the Proposed model...?


 I am like you, I wanted to avoid this. But haven't found a workaround so I will do what you did as well : duplicate site models. 


And since I haven't found a better definition of Site Model snapshots, I quote yours here again because I believe it will be very useful for other users : 


On 8/13/2021 at 8:45 AM, Tom W. said:

Snapshot site models are not static, they are dynamic copies of the original model that will update when the original model updates so they allow you to to present different graphical options alongside each other but not different site modification options.


Thank you @Tom W.


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The way this works is really confusing and in a similar situation I have ended up with duplicate site models, each on their own layer and each with their own variant of the site modifiers. When I make any changes to the unmodified site model, I have to then copy&paste it into each of these various layers, a bit annoying but can be done relatively quickly. It means I can also copy and paste site modifiers between versions if convenient.


Then I can control which version is shown in any SLVP just by making visible the relevant layer.



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