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Render Questions for Spotlight


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Hey VW Friends, 


working on rending some 3d shots of a design we are working on for a project and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. any time i try fast or final render works i just get a solid colour Crop. but yet in open GL i can see my full shot, what is also interesting is in Open GL not all my lights turn on, yet they are all duplicated from the first one thats turned on. for my final render work i figured it could also be my Ambient lighting was too dark at 12% so i upped it to 75% and all i got was a more Brown Screen instead of black, i attached that screenshot too. 


I guess i'm trying to figure out the best render settings for presenting my projects that all the lights are on and i have a nice dark ambient lighting, 


Thanks in advanced VW Friends. 



Total Events





Final Render.png

Final Render 75% Amibent.png

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You might be "inside" something as you render.  Try shifting your view a bit to see if that helps. 

Ambient lighting is sort of like turning the brightness up on your screen. I don't recommend it for a good look as it flattens out things. If you feel you need to, turning on ambient occlusion will help bring back some contrast.

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