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Dimensions format changes with change in unit setting

P Retondo


I know this has been discussed in the past, but it's a daily hassle.  We need to be able to have dimensions on our sheets stay in form even if we have to switch the units preferences.  For example, when we have surveyor information in decimal feet, in order to work with that I switch my units to decimal feet.  Then, all my sheet dimensions change from feet and inches to decimal feet.  Similarly, when we want to work in inches, sheet dimensions again change on us.  If we're not careful, this can result in embarrassing and erroneous output.  So, 1) there should be separate settings for units in the IOP and in the various tool inputs, and another preference for dimensions.  AND, 2) once a dimension has been placed, it should stick with the unit format and not change with a change in preference - or have an option to update all dimensions, yes or no.

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Not sure if this will help as a stop-gap but here's what you could try. Choose Decimal Feet (rather than mm) as the  Dual Dimension. Next make a custom Dim & have it as a stacked Dimension. Next change all your survey dims to the custom Dim & then uncheck the box at the bottom " SHOW DIM VALUE".  This way the general Dim of Feet & Inches goes away & you are left with the custom dual Dim.


Not your wish list, but this way you avoid the back and forth for your universal Dims.

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Thanks for the stop-gap! I do agree that this is a necessary feature--to quickly edit the dimension standard in the OIP. For my drawings I like to use Foot-Inch Fractional for anything over 3', Inch for smaller dimensions, imperial-metric dual for code compliance, and foot fractional for survey and spot elevations. I'm constantly hiding dimensions in the OIP and adding in my dimension notation in the "leader" field.

Similarly, it would be nice to have dual dimension capability in the OIP for the attributes of objects, for example I typically have to manually convert (with google) floor areas from imperial to metric for code compliance documentation, which is a bit of a pain. (In Canada, everyone uses imperial day-to-day, but our code has been somewhat senselessly converted to metric.)

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