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Jose E. Calderon

Help me with my Roof

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Hi Jose,

Try setting your "Roof_Restautante_Lanzamiento" design layer elevation to match the top of the restaurant walls (33.15m). Then set the bearing height for the roof to 0m.  This will get you what you're after.


Another option would be to set the "Roof_Restautante_Lanzamiento"  to match the floor elevation and set the bearing height based off of that. In that case, you would set the layer elevation to 30.15m and the bearing heights to 3m. This approach is useful if you need to set different bearing heights for different roof faces (based off the floor height).

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One issue here is that VW's automatically assigns Z value to each subsequent Design Layer based on the delta Z of the previously created layer. I have never found that to be useful, and generally prefer to create all design layers with Z=0, then adjust in the Layer Setup as desired.

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Right. While it can be helpful when manually setting up layers for floors of a building, it can also get in the way for other things. I think improvements could be made here. If we were to try to keep a stacking behavior for new layers, I think it would be better to set the new layer elevation to "stack" on top the currently selected layer (in the Organization dialog) instead of the layer with the highest elevation. This would at least allow more control.

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