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Site Model Section Viewports not rendering

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Persistent problem here...sometimes when I create a section viewport from a site model the section component (of the site model) will be 'filled'. Other time it wont be. For no apparent reason! I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Is this a known problem? It changes randomly and without warning. Typically I use: Advanced Section Properties - Attributes - Separate Cross Sections [Attribute Class - Section Style]. You can see in the attached screen grab the South Elevation does not have a fill below. The settings on each of the viewports are identical. The 3D display settings for the model is '3D mesh solid'. As I've invested a lot of time building an accurate site model and assistance will be appreciated. 


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I'm having a similar problem - I can't get site model to show fill in any section viewport.  I've checked everything I can think of and followed all advice in this thread and this one: 

Still no progress.

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Not sure if this applies to these questions, but, . . .


The v2018 Site Model Skirt (in some previous versions called the Hull) is not a volume, but rather is a hollow shell (as far as I know).

The skirt component is only visible when the VP 3d display is set to one of the Mesh options.

The skirt attributes are controlled via Site Model OIP>Site Model Settings>Graphics Properties>3d Sides/Bottom.


I find that in a Section View Port, the skirt can be visible only if:  Section VP OIP>Advanced Properties (near bottom of OIP)>Extent tab>Depth = Infinite

But, correct me, please if there are options! I think we need to see all the way through the site model to plane(s) where the skirt stops the view.


But, I also found that revising (eg in the Class tab of the Navigation Palette) the name of the class assigned to the 3d Sides/Bottom breaks the attribute control of the skirt until manually updated in the Site Model OIP>Site Model Settings>Graphics Properties>3d Sides/Bottom.  The class name revision does not auto update in those two dialogs.









DTM Graphics.png

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One more interesting note: this seems to be file dependent.  I have one file where the site model is filled in section viewports as expected, and one where it isn't.  So far as I can tell right now, they have the same settings.

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