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VW and Bimobject: how do we use it? Where is it? What is it? Is it real?

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Maybe I am being stupid, but I can't work out how to actually use Bimobject in a VW context.


Apparently, VW2017 shipped with an "app" and this was one of its great new features but I have no clue where it is, or how to use it, or where to install it, or whether to install it.


Typing "bimobject" into the help bar gets me nothing.


Searching in the knowledgebase gives me two press releases mentioning it, with no instructions on how to use it.


Searching for an object on the bimobject website gets me products with a "download" button but VW is not in the options there.


Can anyone unravel the great mystery of the Vectorworks Bimobject integration for me?

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Thank you.


I have my own custom workspace which I suppose is why I haven't seen it yet


(would it not make sense for new tools to be added to the pallettes in existing custom workspaces by default...or users given the option as part of the install process...when upgrading to a new version?)


Anyway I've now added the tool into my workspace and will see how it goes.

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24 minutes ago, line-weight said:


(would it not make sense for new tools to be added to the pallettes in existing custom workspaces by default...or users given the option as part of the install process...when upgrading to a new version?)


If you migrate your Vectorworks from an earlier version, Vectorworks will update your workspace and add new tools to a new tools pallet. 

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Ok, so i signed up for "Bimobject" entered my user identification key. set user settings "download symbol to active drawings only"

Clicked on an object on the Bimobject site (thru vectorworks via the Bimobject tool) got to the download window and tried to down load both an IFC and a Rivit model.

When I tried to place the object in a new drawing I get an "X" with a dotted box around it. But no object is placed, nor is one downloaded into the Resource Browser.


Any advice


After further research (I should have continued reading the help section) sketch up file type worked just fine.


  1. Select the file format to download (either  .vwx, or a compatible format such as  .dwg,  .skp, or  .3ds), and click to download the file.

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Frustrating to go into Bimobject, find they have something I'm after (eg. common window systems) but then find that the only download is in Revit format, and Vectorworks can't convert that for me automatically.


It is possible to use the "import revit" command to import it, if I first download it to my computer.


However... having imported what is a "Revit family" - which I think is basically a kind of parametric object (?) - what I actually get is a dumb object, in this instance a window, but without, as far as I can make out, the facility to alter settings to adjust size etc as would be the case with a native VW "window" object.


Is this essentially the case for everything we import via Bimobject or via "import revit" - we don't actually get a parametric object, just a 3D model? Is there a plan or possibility for this to change in the future?

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And also... it's made up of those horrible 3D polygons which makes it virtually impossible to edit the 3D form manually. Like the stairs made by the stairs tool.


If it's a window, say... then, at least, if the frame were made of extrudes, or generic solids that I could use the push-pull tool on, with some work I could alter the dimensions to what I want. That would save a bit of time compared to constructing a 3d model from scratch, using the supplier's 2D drawings to get the profiles and so on.


For anything that needs to be tailored to specific dimensions, a bunch of 3D polygons is nearly useless, and liable to eat up file size too.

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For all the hype that BIM has gotten for some time now, it is still very slow to get implemented not just in design firms in general but also very much on the product end of things.  The big thing that bugs me right now is the REVIT favoritism.  I'd really would like to know the numbers on how much each piece of software has control of the market.

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2 hours ago, zoomer said:

My Problem with all those Revit Libraries is that these are mostly silly Meshes.

Same for DWG. I hoped to get proper Solid Geometries from these.

Tis true.  Anything that I've download pertaining to Revit has had terrible geometry.  Becomes the usual redraw.

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