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Stair Tool - Help



Can anyone help me with the stair tool

I understood the total rise Is meant to be calculated from the different z values from the active lower layer to the designated upper layer. In this case (see screenshot) Floor G with a Z value of 0 and Floor 1 with a z value of 4650. All the settings seem to be correct but the tool cannot see the Z of top bound (Floor 1, which has a Z value of 4650). The only way I can get this tool to work is by value or layer wall height which is not ideal. I have always used the custom stair tool in the past the which is quicker and not as unwieldy as this monster. However since it was dropped from 2017 and presumably is now unsupported (I have experienced multiple crashes when tweaking settings and ghost images of stairs since deleted)


Thanks for any help



Stair tool.jpg

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The Custom Stair has not been deleted from 2017, it has just been designated as 'Legacy' (which means it won't see any further development and might be a little buggy). You'll just need to add it back to your workspace.


I struggle with the same issues you're having with the Stair Tool, so I continue to use the Custom Stair tool (in Vw2016). 

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Hi - Thanks

Have added it back but I get frequent crashes when I tweak the settings of the custom stair tool. And If I use duplicate on a stair I end up with ghost images of stairs that have since been deleted or moved. Hence my moving to the stair tool.



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I LOVE VW 2017!

But the VW Stair Tools are my nemesis and IMHO remain the single worst thing about using the programme. We might use them sparingly as place holders or to assist on doing the math; even then, not so much. Every stair we produce is a hybrid 2D/3D symbol. I always peek at them in each new iteration, but stopped wasting my time with these PIO's years ago as they are a buggy, frustrating,  crash causing, thing with a poorly designed interfaced, that doesn't produce a result that looks like it came from someone who draws stuff for a living. 

Sorry for the BMW, but geepers creepers! Like I say I LOVE VW 2017 but not the stair tool.

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Ok I found the only solution for me was to change the layers to storey layers which include at least one storey level i.e. finished floor. This level will then appear on the dropdown in the stair OIP and the stair total rise is calculated correctly


I've posted this if anyone has the same problem


Thanks all for your comments

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