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Lighting instrument displaying grayed

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I have placed a lighting instrument (S4) on a light position using the spotlight instrument insertion tool  For some reason, the instrument appears beneath the lighting position and is faded (looks like it's grayed).  As far as I can tell, everything about the instrument is ok, it just doesn't display properly.  I earlier inserted some instruments and these all display fine; they are full brightness and on top of the pipe.  I can copy these older instruments onto a pipe and they work fine when copied.  However, the instruments inserted by selecting an instrument in the resource browser and inserting it don't display correctly.  What did I do that makes these instruments dim?  When I click on the ones that display correctly and the ones that don't, I cannot see any difference in the object info.  They are both on the lighting position, they both have their fields filled in, etc.  They are both on the same layer and class, although the new one looks like it's on a grayed layer.  I tried send to front and it didn't help.  Both the instrument and its data are grayed.

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The instrument that works and the one that doesn't seem to be identical.  They are both on the same layer and same class, both of which are active.  The layer order is above the pipe, though the new instrument displays beneath it and the old one displays correctly on top.  If I turn off the pipe layer, the instrument is still grayed.

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I have resolved the problem.  It is two different problems.

  1. The default opacity got set to 33%.  Reset this to 100% and that fixed "graying" problem.
  2. The FC-1 cyc instrument is composed of lines only, so it will not hide the pipe,  Edited this to use rectangles with a fill and that fixed the problem being below the pipe.
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