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Workspace 9 to 10 again

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Yes I know about the 5 tools that need

to be removed and re-added if I install a VW 9

workspace into VW 10.

Butthen I get messages that tools like concrete

fill or regen plug -ins are not in the plug in folder. Why? Have they been removed in VW 10?

And even if I don't care and use my old custom Workspace (that took many hours to create as I assigned a shortcut to almost every tool command,

then I miss something. I right click with the mouse and don't get the "palette" option, only cut etc. Why? Where do I find and add something like that, that is not a tool or a command?

How do I know what else I am missing?

How do I know which are the new tools that I should add, where is a list of them, how come I seem to be the only one struggling with this?

I know I could create a new one from the VW 10 standards, but it's going to take so much with all of those custom shortcuts and menus and custom tools!!

Thanks for any suggestion.

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Are you using the same type of product in VW 10 as you are in VW 9?

Say you used the Architect workspace to build your workspace in VW 9. When you moved it to VW 10, if you don't have VW Architect 10, then you are going to get those types of error message.

You may also get those errors because those objects have been changed between VW 9 and 10. You will need to remove those from your workspace and add them back.

If you are using a program like Architect, Landmark, Mechanical, or Spotlight, you are going to need to move more than 5 tools out of your custom workspace and add them back because of changes to the tool.

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