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Copy/move macro-script

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Hi all,


I have been reading about this issue in several posts but none manage to offer me acceptable solution. I am sure that there are many different approaches and reasons why MOVE and COPY tools are made in one but for me it is important to separate it. I have recently started using VW after 15 years of ACad and I became quickly aware that VW is also very powerful and highly customizable  program. One of the problems with my situation is that I am using German version (in Germany) and it is going a bit slow.


My idea, and I am almost sure that it is possible, to make a kind of macro or a very simple script that will start Move function and then automatically select "leave original" (for copy) and another which will do the same but switch to simple move... Than I could use those 2 scripts with separate shortcut keys without needing to check if my toggle is ON or OFF.


My problem is I constantly have to look for toggle position and even than sometimes happens that I move instead of copy some elements and only later realize that....  


I am using VW 2017 and somehow Duplicate and Pt2Pt plug-ins are very laggy so I cant really use them.


Thank you in advance.





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Hi Jan, and hope I can help!  What exactly are you moving?  If it's just simple 3D geometry or symbols, I have some suggestions.


You can always copy and paste (using ctrl+c or command+c) and then paste in place (ctrl+alt+v or command+alt+v), and then move accordingly.  The duplicated items will be placed in the same place, and be selected, so you can move and press tab to select how far you want to move them specifically.  


You could also use the Offset tool (in the basic palette set, shortcut key is shift+-), and change the preferences to duplicate and offset the item you're moving.


Apologies in advance if I misunderstood what you were trying to do.  Let me know if that helps, and have a great day! :)

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