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Detail Dimensioning

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I am a Production tech who specializes in lighting and staging drawings.

Iv'e been a VW user since Mini-Cad 7.

I have been tasked to create some drawings for a handful of custom objects.

These object need to be dimensioned in  3 decimal places with a tolerance of about 0.015"

These object are being sent to a manufacture for creation.

I have no problem creating these objects, it just that i need to present them to the machine shop correctly.

Typically my drawings are withing an inch without tolerances (heck if a chain motor is that close, it's good enough for rock & roll).

These object are about 20" x 3" and have a lot of precision holes located in them.

I don't want to steal a machinist's gig, but it would be valuable for me to learn this too.

Once again the internet give me 500,000 hits for reference. If I only had that kind of time

Does anyone have  quick course of detail dimensioning showing these kind of tolerances.

Where is the best place to start the dimensions (center, end) (the ends are rounded).






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