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Referenced Viewport Lighting Fixture Label Legends

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Hey Everybody (long time listener, first time caller),


We've been using referenced viewports as for light plots with small changes between shows with quick turnarounds.  It has worked fine for the past couple of years, and right at 2017 SP3 we started getting label legends that stacked all of the containers on the fixture.  Ironically, the information pertaining to the container stayed in place.  Anyone have any thoughts as to why this would happen?  I'm pretty sure it's a SP3 problem, but I know SP3 added some features, I was curious if it added something that might cause this, or do we have to go back to SP2?


Ref Viewport.JPG

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I've been having label legend anomalies like this for years. Almost exclusively on fields with Containers attached. The text and containers often fly off the fixture they are attached to. Sometimes refreshing the instrument will fix this but mostly it needs you to actually open and close the edit window of the active label legend. Once that is done the labels snap back to their proper position. 


I raised it a few years back on the forum but didn't have much luck here. When it happens again I will try and report it again. 


Not much use to you right now but at least you know you are not alone with this kind of problem!

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