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View jumps/centers to VW origin when I change my active Layer



Seems that Center View after View Change is broken wth SP3.


I think it already did not work properly in previous versions of VW but with SP3

my Views jump all the time in a way out of screen that I see a blank screen,

whenever I switch my active Layer.

Which in my current case of screenshotting different geometry versions from

same POV is extremely annoying.


I think it always centers to the VW origin.

Unfortunately not where my center of interest is.


And it jumps also in Z with differen Lay Z (Stories).


Happens with Active Layer Switch only, Visibility only does not change view.

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Oh my god.


It is not that setting !

That works well for "View changes" if activated.


It is that my View jumps away (centers on Origin) each time when I change my Active Layer.


AND, it happens ALWAYS in a 3D View,

AND it ONLY happens in Top Plan view when I have my Heliodon LAYER visble (grayed)


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14 minutes ago, JimW said:

Do you get the same behavior in a new file as well as in that same file if you restart Vectorworks with the 3DConnexion device unplugged?




I think we can exclude the Enterprise.

And it was not at all that Center View Setting. It works very well *


* As long as there is no Heliodon visible, which I have to, to make it work.


And as long as no Heliodon visible, I can change active Layer in Top Plan View and it stays.

But I can never change Layer wehn in an Isometric view without it centering on origin.

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29 minutes ago, JimW said:

That's very unusual. Does it do similar things in other files with similar layer structures?


It is file related.

I have an older Project with Heliodons which does not jump view.



But I have no Stories there.

Just Layer Heights.

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I tried different project file, older and newer ones,

new files from scratch with just some dwg imports.


It is unreliable.


Depending on file, Center on View Changes (which says also includes switching active Layer)

does not work for me in the 2D DWG file in Top Plan View when switching active Layer.

I have to drag or fit view manually.


In 3D, a file that does not jump much and mostly works, Num+9 Isometric is off screen while the others

Isometrics and orthogonal work.

Most times View Orientation will change again slightly but clearly visible when I do a manual Fit View.


In one case pressing Num+0 again, will each time move the view content arbitrarily a bit, up to 3 times,

until it will find its final position.


In Side Views there is no real vertical Centering, it is more oriented to the lower third of View (?)

When Layer heights only used, switching Active Layer will keep the View in height (even Active Layer Only used),

when using Layers with Stories, it will always center Z on active Layer's Story.

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