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Devin Kinney

When will dashes be added to worksheet dimensions?


Our firm is (finally) moving towards using door and window symbols to auto-fill our door and window schedules (worksheets) but I've noticed dimensions are written without the intermediate dash: 3'4" rather than 3-4".  This is problematic as it is not standard notation and can be quickly read as 34".  I notice that it has been on the wishlist since 2007 which is completely unacceptable.  Someone needs to address this soon!  


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VW Fundamentals / Architect 2016, MBP 2013 Retina, OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)


Update: Rather than using the "include on schedule" option with door and window symbols so I can populate VW's worksheets, I've simply created an editable 2D symbol for door and window tags and input my own data fields for width, height, hardware...etc linked to my window and door records so I can create my own window and door schedules with fully-editable fields.  It's actually a relatively simple work-around but it's still a bummer that we can't use the default schedules as-provided.

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Adding this to an existing (long standing) request. VE-70531. Users who want this feature should submit their votes on the top left of this newest thread.

Other threads where this was mentioned previously, but existed prior to the voting system:





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I added my + vote. You all know this is a huge issue for me. Is the dimension 11/16" or 1 1/16". Impossible to tell in Vectorworks.

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