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OK VW/Renderworks work fine, but......

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Can anyone help me out here?

I have created sets with VW and rendered with Renderworks. SO far so good.

Now I need to be able to export to something like 3DS, Maya, M3 so that I can have the renedered 3D file available for live "walkthroughs" as I ask the camera to go from one preset position to another.

I'm using VW 9.5 and it doesn't export textures into DWG or DXF...does 10.5 do this?

I've had to export a DXF into 3DS then redo ALL the texures which turned out to be quite a nightmare...

Creating VW animation files does not satisfy our needs.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks [Frown][Confused]

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Here's what I would do Nick

Buy cinema4d (www.maxon.net) and the vectorworks plugin

Export the VW file to C4D. You will lose all your textures. It doesn't matter, It will only take an hour or two to retexture the model in C4d, and the textures will be way better.

Note that I don't have Renderworks, but my reading on it suggests that C4d has much better materials / texturing abilities.

Also note that rendering / previewing in C4d is way faster than RW (so I've read)

Also, the workflow and navigation tools in C4d are awesome

I find I no longer use 3d objects like chairs, beds etc in VW. I build the model in VW, export to c4d, then put in cars, trees, beds, desklamps, people etc.

just my 2 cents worth

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Originally posted by Chris Manus:

I now would like to see some greater comptability between the 2 Programes in the future.eg I would like to send objects made in C4d exported back into VWA?

Wouldn't we all ... [Wink]

It's under consideration (could I be more vague?), but the only thing that can drive this is user count. If lots of people use C4D as a render solution for VW, then the pressure on Maxon for a better integration of / exchange between VW and C4D can only grow.

One of the major problems right now is the lack of NURBS geometry in C4D. As long as C4D can't handle NURBS, you won't be able to make a good 2-way link. Currently, when you export NURBS to C4D you "loose" information (you end up with polygons in C4D).

Apart from that, and a bit off topic: I would rather have an improved DWG-exchange than a two-way VW-C4D exchange. Better C4D support won't make NNA sell more VW licenses. Better DWG support (which is already very good for a non-Autodesk product) will absolutely make NNA sell more VW licenses. Suppose you would be able to export a bitmap based symbol to DWG, and get a bitmap-based block in ACAD. Or suppose you could import not only Layout elements from ACAD, but also Viewports with correct scales. Or suppose you could import ACAD Solids in VW. These are the kind of improvements that would be beneficial to NNA. Not a better C4D exchange.

In other words: if you want better VW-C4D exchange, you should talk to Maxon. Maxon is the one who would benefit from this. [smile]

In case you wonder why I'm stressing the DWG-related NNA sales ... VectorWorks is one of the major ACAD competitors. The better the exchange with ACAD, the easier it gets for existing ACAD users to convert to C4D. And more users means more funds to develop a kick-ass CAD-package. And believe me, in regards of the Autodesk upgrade and pricing strategy a lot of people are looking for new software solutions.

Kind regards,


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Hi Chris,

NNA and Maxon are both Nemetschek companies. That's the only relationship they have right now. The alliance of which you speak simply isn't there. Or at least, not right now. They are well aware of each others' products, but that doesn't justify the move you describe. NNA and Maxon are in different markets. Don't forget that the kind of rendering and animation we are obviously interested in is but a niche market.

I use both applications. What problems are you having with internal cornices?



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