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Symbol disappearing and leaves locus point



The issues with Vectorworks 2017 is stacking up.


The latest issue is that some symbols are simply disappearing. It disappears when opening the documents in the morning, I don't think they disappear while in session. Funny is that it leaves a locus point with the symbol's record format attached...


Anyone having similar problems? Any solutions?

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The class inside of the symbol is None, the symbol has different class. And None and the symbol class is visible. 3D symbols.


The symbol is not invisible, it is gone, and left is a locus point.


I also have problems with zoom, where most of the drawing becomes invisible. But this is fixed by restarting VW (most times).

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Rob might be on to something.  Maybe the symbol(s) are missing.  Perhaps a nested piece of another symbol.


The zoom thing might be a video card thing.  I've seen computers with marginal video resources loose bits and pieces during zooming.


If you can post parts or all of the file I'm sure someone here could figure it out.


(Because EVERYONE has had the experience of loosing things in a drawing :-)



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PAT: SP3 is not available for Norwegians I guess...


UPDATE: The deletion happens when I update my drawing in the morning #projectsharinglolz. After a long work day on my laptop yesterday, when I came back to my desktop computer today and updated the drawing more symbols were deleted and replaced by locus points. I'm starting to expect something that maybe will make me look stupid...


I have a Dropbox depository (a file with symbols) where I drag all my symbols into my drawing. I try to maintain a level of structure inside my drawing file as well, but mostly I just get the symbols from the depository, even if the symbol exists inside my drawing from before, and here might be the reason for my troubles. I usually just overwrite my symbols inside my drawing since I'm more sure of the symbols in my depository than my drawing, I guess it is called "overwrite and replace" or something like that? This works just fine when working on a single file, but maybe it causes problems for the updating of the work-file?

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