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Resource Manager: Right click to add new resource folder and bring back right click "Move"

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I have 2 things to add in the Resource Manager, and they play off of each other so I'm putting them both in the same wish.

Bring back right click "Move to"

Yes I bitched about a graphical interface for a long time, and yes I do love the new resource manager, but because I work with the new Projects files and my co-conspirators are sloppy at resource maintenance I find

myself having to move symbols that are often buried deep in a list into my folder. Clicking on them, and dragging them by mouse scrolling forever gets to be a drag. Right clicking and "move to" would be so much more efficient.


Which leads me to #2.

The only way I can find to create a new folder is by right clicking on empty space.

And the only time you get the option to "create new resource" is when you have All Resources selected in the options

I mainly work with symbols so to keep the Resource Manager manageable I often select "Symbols/Plug-In Objects"

But then I can not create a new resource folder.

It sure would be nice to be able to create a new folder by right clicking in the empty space when operating in anything other than All Resources.

It would be even more awesome if we could select multiple resources, and right click to "Move To - Create New Folder"


See how these 2 ideas are tied together?








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On 3/23/2017 at 9:34 PM, Andy Broomell said:

 In the meantime, don't forget about the "New Resource" and "New Folder" buttons that are always present in the lower lefthand corner of the RM.



I never noticed those.

In typical VW fashion they gave us a new tool, but took away an old tool at the same time.

That little button in the corner works in the sub folders.

but I still want the right click option back.



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