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vw10 - vw10.5 and OS10.3


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I have used VW8.5.2 and Mac OS9.2.2 for years. March 2003 I purchased one license of VW 10. VW10 was found to be incompatible with my networked HP1220c large format printer so I installed OS10 jaguar as an experiment. This did not solve the printing problem and created others problems ( like extreme slowness, wall joining problems, class disapperance etc.) so I went back to OS 9.2.2 and VW8.5.2. My I.T. guy figured out a new network printing solution with a new Hp printer driver/ Gimp and OS10.3(panther). VW 10 will now print in OS10.3 but it seems highly erratic, crashing when it automatically makes VW10 duplicate versions of vw8.5 files and forgeting its registration number. Today At Macworld the VW rep said that my promblems would be solved if I downloaded the lastest update to VW10. I tried that and found out that VW 10 is not compatible with the VW10.5 update. I did not get one hour of usable cad time from my VW10 purchase. What am I missing here? Is VW 10 incompatible with OS10.3.

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mm, could you please tell us a bit more about your hardware? What computer are you running? How much RAM does it have? Are you using VW's on a local drive or over a network?

Also, have you done the 10.5.1 update? This is "panther specific", from what I understand.

Vw's 10.5.x runs great on my G5, and on my G4. And it ran pretty well on my old G3 (although I dont have that machine any more).


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VW 10.5.1 is the only compatible version of VW with OS 10.3.

If you are using VW 10.0.x, you'll need to update to each interim version of VW.

If you have 10.0.0, you'll need to update to 10.1, 10.5, 10.1 one at a time. All of the downloads are available on the download section of the web site.

IF this is alot of time for you, you can contact Customer Service to have a VW 10.5 Cd shipped to you. They may even have 10.5.1 Cds ready for shipping too.

THe other problems you are having may be linked to your OS User Preference file being corrupt.

Usually, installing new software will throw something out of place in the user preference file. IT's a good idea to run Disk Utility after software installs (including OS and application updates), and at least once a month if not once every few weeks.

You should verify disk permissoins and then fix disk permissions. Make sure no applications are running while Disk Utility is running.

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