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slow VW 9.5.2, Mac OS 10.2.8

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Up until recently I have been doing the majority of my work in MiniCad 7.0.3, OS 9.2.2. Now that I've got OS X running, I am beginning to move from OS 9 to X. I have not used VW 9 much, other than for importing Autocad files, then exporting back to Minicad. Recently I have been trying to spend more time in VectorWorks, but it really seems quite a bit slower than MiniCad, and is causing frustration. 99% of what I do is 2D. I do quite a bit of moving around the drawing - selecting, editing, deleting, etc. In MiniCad, it is fairly instantaneous. With VW, there is a slight delay. I cannot select multiple items in quick succession. When I pan the drawing, it moves jerkily across the screen. trying to drag-select is a nightmare.

Any ideas? (and please don't say that I need to upgrade to VW 10).

VectorWorks 9.5.2

OS 10.2.8


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Do you run OSX utilities daily? Repair Permissions & Cron Scripts are a must to keep your speed up.

Go to Applications folder/Utilities Folder/Disk Repair & run repair permissions. Apple really should have made this more known as something you manually have to do in OSX. I use an application called "Cocktail" that will run all these ecripts and shut down &/or restart automatically.

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Also, if you are sending prints or plots while you are working, quit and relaunch Vectorworks after each print spools, or VectorWorks will slow to a crawl.

VectorWorks 9 does not get along with the OSX print center very well, or perhaps it is the HP printer description we use.

The good news is that this does not seem to be a problem in VectorWorks 10.5.



VectorWorks 9.5.3, and 10.5.1

OS 10.2.8



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Updating to VW 9.5.3 may help some of your situations as well.

However, there are some functions in OS 10 system wide that are slower than OS 9 which can filter over to applications as well. This may be the cause of your sluggishness, especially since you are repairing permissions weekly. (I think weekly is just fine.)

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