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I would look on the HP website. You will have to do some digging, but should be a key combination that lets you print the settings menu. Sometimes you have to hold the test buttom while you turn the power on, or pust the test button 10 times, or hold it down... etc. (Don't do any of this until you have the instructions, I am sure one of these combinations is the reset too.)

If that doesn't work, download a network maping tool. This will show you everything that is connedted to the network along with its IP and device name.

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I read on the gimp print web site that all HP Jet Direct ethernet adaptors use as the default address.

This configuration works for me with an HP488CA and Gimp print.

There was a previous post on the Nemetschek Tech Board Printing/Plotting Board Discussion Area titled ? Printing in OS X w/VW 10, gimpprint and HP 455CA? posted 02-26-2003 that outlines the setup procedure. It helped me to set up our plotter.

Good luck.

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Kurt, I had a similar experience. Try hooking up a Laserjet or inkjet to your Jet Direct and pressing the test button. It will print out a few letter size pages with ahlot of cryptic info. You most likely will have an address that looks like this: - where the # represents the location of the device on your network. In my case is was .100. After that it was easy to set up IP printing with the Gimp Print drivers

Good luck. Andrew.


Originally posted by Kurt Ofer:

Mike. Pushing server test button makes it talk to plotter verifiable via flashing lights, but no output. Outputting plotter test plot also no help given that plotter is downstream from server. Thanks though. Kurt

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Thank you for all of your help. On the Jet Direct EX Server, you have to HOLD both buttons down to get it to output TCP/IP settings. Duh. And I also want to report that HP was EXTREMELY helpful also. They returned 3 of my e-mails with a complete answer to each. And this is for a plotter that has been out of warranty for 7 years and the Server out of warranty for 3. So I am very impressed with them, and it makes me want to stay in the HP camp when considering our next plotter purchase. Kurt.

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