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How to create a huge site model in 3d having 2d polylines at first

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Hello everyone


I´m starting to work with vectorworks, and I also have the handicap that I have the programme in German because I´m currently working at an architectural office in Berlin.


I need to make a 3d model of the terrain of a big area for a masterplan. I have the contour lines in 2D, indicating a difference in height of 1 meter each one. What´s the best method I can use? Do I need to put different stacks in each line to indicate the level it has, or there is a way to convert them to 3d?


Sorry if it´s a very basic question, but I´m having a very difficult time trying to understand everything

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Hi, Lemorcisier - Welcome to the forum!  Please create a signature so your future posts show your system info and vwx version.


Short answer about the 2d to 3d contours for Site Model is that there are several ways, as is often the case with Vectorworks. This answer assumes you have a version of Vectorworks capable of creating a Site Model object - Landmark, Architect, Designer.  Fundamentals and Spotlight do not include Site Model creation.


Manual way is perhaps easiest to explain.  Basically:

•Copy/Paste in Place the 2d polys into a new blank layer of same scale as original layer (so you have the 2d versions if needed later in the project)

•Convert the new 2d polys to 3d polys (Modify>Convert>Convert to 3d Polygons). Probably easiest to do this one at a time, because . . .

•Adjust the z value of each 3d poly as it is created to match the grade indicated for the contour (z value field in the Object Info Palette)

•Select all the new 3d polys, and nothing but the new 3d polys.

•Create the Site Model. (Designer or Architect workspaces: AEC>Terrain>Create Site Model. Landmark Workspace: Landmark>Create Site Model.)


The automatic methods use the Survey Input feature which is in same menu as Terrain or Create Site Model.  Survey Input automatically (well, semi automatically) converts and z adjusts the 2d contours. Or it can create a site model from stakes, or xyz survey data, or grid data or other. But success depends on order of 2d contour creation, plus some other work and long explanation.  Read all about Survey Input in Vectorworks Help.


Good Luck! Post back if problems or more questions.



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