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Window & Door net glass & opening areas for schedules?

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Both the Door and Window object contain User Field 1 thru User Field 10, but these are TEXT type fields. You could put your Vent Area in those fields, but you will need to convert the values to numbers so you can add them up. The proper syntax to access the field is 'Door'.'UserFld1' thru 'Window'.'UserFld10'  A small custom worksheet script (basically a custom worksheet function) could be written that would take the text value and convert it into a number that you could then work with.


Door do have a Net Glazed Area. This calculates when you turn on Use Vision Panels in the Leaf pane. It can be accessed in a worksheet at ='Door'.'NGA2'

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Vent area would be the net open area with the door or window in an open position. For a door the panel size is probably close enough, for a window that's going to vary quite a bit, especially depending on the operation of the window, e.g. casement vs. slider or single-hung.  Can be useful information when you're trying to gauge natural ventilation capacity in your design...

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