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Extracting a Projection of some curves?

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I know this is probably pretty easy, just went through a few tools and couldn't get it working for me the way I was envisioning.


Basically I am attempting to create a curved header for a exhibit booth.  I drew a bunch of options to show the clients for different curve options.  Well the one here is the one they liked the best so far.  


Now what they are wanting is a path in the carpet to match.  What I was trying to do was just project the two outside most curves straight down onto the 3D poly black floor and then extract that surface, but it wasn't working for me.  Ideally I want a polygon of the curved surface on the ground plane that I can make into either a 3D poly or thin extrude.  Anyone have any good ideas on the best way to do this?


Honestly I may just edit the extrudes and pull out the 2D geometry, but I know there is a better way to pull this from the 3D but not sure.




Curve VW Example Top.png

Curve VW Example.png

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No I get what you are saying.  I know/understand how to do that.  What I actually want to do is be able to extract the shape from the 3D geometry already existing.  


What you are showing is easy enough and get how to do.


The reason I want to do it this way is more to find a better workflow in case they want to adjust the shape again I don't have to redraw, my how it just to extract or project?


Any thoughts with that method?



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hi grant...seems to me that matt wants to be able to edit the 3d geometry.....ie the carpet shape in case the client changes their mind as they usually do!....im finding that to be a difficult solution.....

maybe just as quick to redraw the new shapes on top of the carpet...not ideal.....but probably as quick.....i do like the formz workflow as it allows the shape to be extracted from the base and then the polylines can be altered if needed and then re-extruded...not good english i know but as i am from Birmingham uk its fine.....brit joke.....anyone who has been to Birmingham will understand :D:D

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Use the extract tool to get your curves. You can get the curves as either 2d (planar) or 3d curves (NURBS). If you extract them as NURBS curves, manually move them to the ground plane, extend them using the Extend NURBS menu item (it will allow you to extend the flow of the curve),  connect the ends by drawing two straight NURBS curves, compose the group of curves and use the Surface from Curves menu command to make your surface.


You can do a similar process using 2d curves but there's no easy way to extend them smoothly other than manually editing points.




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