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Vector Font and more

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A Marionette PlugIn, that collects a custom drawing (font character, picture whatever) and refer it to a regular font character. 

This "Font" is placed into the control geometry container. Also we could just use a blue symbol.


The Heart of the script is a custom node "create font dict" which manage collecting the control geometry. Also it returns a dictionary sequence data type. A dictionary is very useful if you want to have pairs of data. In this case a character and a drawing group with informations forms a pair. 


Sure, the script could be improved by several things (multi-line, alignment, page based etc. )  But I think it is very useful to have that plug in. Have fun with it. Maybe you can share your own fonts and your wonderful handwriting here. Thanks.



1. Handwriting Font

2. Vectorfont (ability to use sketch view)

3. For Milling Machines

4. Fast inserting of object sequences

5. ...


Update v2019

1. Script Crashed if input Geometry was None (Integrated a script blocker and an Alert Dialog )

2. Input Dict was always None, because use of an outdated Script command (vs.GetType() instead vs.GetTypeN()). Issue in many other scripts. One of the very rare incompatibilites of Script commands the past Years.








Second Example (Shelve) attached. To take care. This scripts somehow forgives no errors in the object input. So be careful by edit the control geometry. None Input in the Textfield or in the Input Geometry (Symbol, Control Geometry) will Result in crash.







Example shelve v2019.vwx


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