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Export Sheet Layer Class list



I am exporting a number of Sheet Layers with viewports for a project to DWG format to hand over to my Consults.  They would like to have a list of the classes (their layers)  that are on or off in each viewport.  Is it possible/difficult to generate  such as list for each DWG File created for each sheet (Mostly flattened plans and sections)


Thanks, Steve

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It should be possible to create a  list of the classes and visibilities for a viewport. But it will probably require a script to create the list. The easiest way to format the list would be to have the script create a worksheet.


Are each of your sheet layers a single viewport? Do you want the list to include ALL of the classes in the file and their visibilities? Or would just having the classes that are visible or grey be sufficient? Tell me more about what you want in the list and I will see if I can find some time to develop a script.

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I may have one plan on one sheet layer and another with  4 or 5 sections or sectional viewports.


 If I were able to get a class list of the sheets with ONE viewport, that would go far. More couldn't hurt but I'll take whatever is simple and works.    In terms of what is needed,  I suspect all the classes that have something on them should be included with their visibility.    I wouldn't include classes with no objects on them.


Did  Mr. Anderson's" layermap" script do something like that, I think it might have been pre-viewport.



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