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Custom Title Block Issue Data Alignment




A few weeks back I Posted this in the Architect forum,


Pat had a look at it and found that it was a Vectorworks problem, Any idea if a solution has been found?


We have a custom title block for our company and it has worked great until now.

For some reason the Issue data no longer lines up when there is more than one line in the :iNote.

Previously we had :iNo, :iAppr and :iDate aligned vertically se to top and :iNote set to bottom. this worked great the note worked up to the top of the rest.


Now it doesn't seem to read the issue data as a group of data, just as individual text boxes. Which means if there is more than one line of text in the :iNote we get an offset between the lines.


I have attached the before and after screen grabs for reference.


If anybody know a reason why this might be happening it would be great to hear from you.


Many Thanks




By the way I have tried making a brand new symbol that hasn't been converted from VW2016 and it still seems to be happening. 

170110 VW2016 Title Block -Does Align issue.JPG

170110 VW2017 Title Block -Doesn't Align issue.JPG

pad-VW 2017 Titlte Block Issue.vwx

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Deleted - Not sure about getting the amendment # to follow the multiple line.


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Maybe something in one of these tangentially-related threads might help with the issue alignment problems you're having; Perhaps 'Issue Notes' have the same alignment requirements as 'Revision Notes'. Just a thought.


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Because each item seems to work independently it seems you have to add blank space to get the text to wrap up to the sma as the centre note. But no option to add to the first item. 


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