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Problem after Update to VW 10.5.1

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exhibit, there are a couple of discussions on this topic on this board.

If you have a DSL connection, you may be experiencing the problem I had. The short version: do not open an internet connection AFTER opening VectorWorks. VW then detects the connection as another "user" of your serial number. If your internet connection is already active when you open VectorWorks, it is properly handled as belonging to your computer. It only causes a problem when you open things the other way around.

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There was a discussion board on this topic, soon after the release of 10.5 that led me to believe that older versions of VW (i.e. 9,9.5,10,10.1) are able to share the serial numbers but do not have the termination feature that is available in the new 10.5. So if there are two users on a network with 10.5, the first one to open the application will take precedence. If the second user to open the application uses say v9 or v10.1, it will steal your serial number and open with no problems. Your application will lay down and die. Neat feature huh? [Razz] So I'm not sure if you have any users with older versions but if so, you might want to investigate down that avenue.

Check out this discussion:


...and watch out, there's alot of hostility on this topic. Hope everything works out!

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I thought this might have been fixed for VW 10.5.1, but I'm not entirely sure.

Verify you are running VW 10.5.1 also. Sometimes the updates don't update completely and a version you think you are running isn't really the version you are running.

Go to the Help Menu and select About VectorWorks. Verify the version is 10.5.1. If it's 10.5.1b or 10.5.0 - you'll need to update to VW 10.5.1.

The company is closed until Jan 2. I suggest contacting Tech Support in regards to the issue when the office is open again. They can tell you if it was fixed in VW 10.5.1 or not. If it was and you are still having the problems, they will need to know to report it to the engineers.

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