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Can't select surfaces to render





Have a simple 3d rectangle that I'm working on rendering.  The "part" drop down in the render portion of the object info palette will not allow me to separate sides to adjust independently.  I realize I can  loft the various surfaces and do it that way, but it would seem that I should be able to select all 6 sides of this "box" and work on the textures independently.




Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 6.47.34 PM.png

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Just adding another option.  Instead of ungroup, use the Extract tool (3d tool set) in Surface mode.  Hover a surface to highlight. Click to accept, shift click to include additional surfaces in the selection. Click the green check mark near upper left corner of drawing window to complete.  A new, NURBS surface(s) is created overlaying the corresponding face(s) of the source object.  Apply desired texture.  Repeat for other faces/surface as required.  If the new surface(s) interfere with the source surfaces, apply classes as needed to control visibility, or slightly offset the new surface.



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