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Renderworks - is it worth the effort


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5 hours ago, herbieherb said:

You can simply get that effect by having a horizontal camera and moving the border of the viewport up or down.


Yes you can. But when I did and try to adjust a camera later a little bit,

everything brakes down and you start from scratch by moving crop,

moving VP back, moving crop, ....

I think even going into camera view to just set camera effects and

back to VP brakes (?)


The standard camera shift settings like in C4D are a bit more comfortable

to use.

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3 hours ago, CollaborativeMT said:

I find that DxO Viewpoint (DxO Perspective on the App Store) can easily correct these perspective issues if you can also do some cropping of the stretched pixels. I have salvaged a lot of crappy sketch up renderings that way.

I do the same thing in Photoshop CC's Raw Filter tool. Works a charm.

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Guest Alex Sagatov

As many have stated on the forums, I have become a fan of taking my 3D file from Vectorworks into other rendering applications such as Lumion, but I still enjoy messing with Renderworks too 😃 Here was the result from a personal project I was messing around with two weeks ago (Only Renderworks)


BathroomFinal 2.jpg

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