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How to export a model with a rotation?

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I'm working on a BIM project where I have an orthogonal building, but it is not facing exactly north-south. It makes sense to draw it so that the building axes are facing straight up-down and left-right. How can I export the model so that it is rotated to the right north-south direction (i.e. X axis pointing to north)?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Normally if you were just about to start on the building, this is where you would use Rotate Plan to properly align the model to your screen, but still model the real building at the intended angle off of north-south.



You CAN try selecting everything in the model and then rotating everything all at once to the needed angle before exporting, but that can sometimes cause issues with complex files and I recommend making a test copy of the file ti try that out in first if you've already finished your building.

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