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Worksheet Color Printing

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I'm still using 2016 so can someone comment if worksheets with color text are able to print in color or not?

I have a cell in a worksheet that is formatted with red text but not matter how I try, the printed copy is black text.

Any ideas?

In case anyone asks, yes I have set the printer properties to color :-)



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I am 99.9% certain that 2016 will print worksheets in color.


I am 100% certain that 2017 will print worksheets in color. I just printed both from the worksheet file menu and from a worksheet image placed on a design layer and was able to get 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Green, Black) text to print from a worksheet.


Where are you printing from? Design Layer, Sheet Layer or Worksheet?  If it is a layer is the image in a viewport? Do you have the Advanced Properties setting for the Viewport (bottom of OIP) set to BW only?  Do you have a viewport Override on that is set to Black for the class the text is in?



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Yes, I get the same thing in 2017. You should report it as a bug. Printing directly from a worksheet should always print in color regardless of what the Layer Colors option is. Right now it is printing in Black and white even if there is not an image on the drawing and regardless of what colors the layers are set to.

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